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Air Advisory From Wildfire Smoke Continues for Metro Vancouver

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Photo: Conrad Olson / Flickr

While the weather forecast had predicted the smoke would clear by Thursday, August 9th, it appears we won’t have a clear sky and that the air advisory remains in effect.

Not only will the smoke persist through Thursday, but Environment Canada has not lifted the air advisory for Wednesday, August 9th stating that the air is still not safe for all people. Also, the smoke will only dissipate when the weather experiences a significant change.


Fine particulate matter continues to travel from the wildfires and mix with the hot weather creating toxins in the atmosphere.

This weather is particularly bad for the elderly and infants. People with underlying medical conditions, such as anyone with diabetes, lung, or heart disease, are especially susceptible.

Environment Canada recommends staying indoors in places with air conditioning to avoid heat exhaustion and severe air pollution. It is also wise to avoid strenuous outdoor activity until the severity of the pollution subsides.

The air advisory remains in affect until further updates from from the government.

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