Lost Boa Constrictor In Surrey Has Been Found

Boa Constrictor

Remember that yellow and white, 5-foot-long boa constrictor that was on the loose in Surrey?

She was found and is no longer lurking around.

The exotic pet, Snow, was lost on July 29th when she broke out of her plastic cage and out of her owner’s home. While she has the capacity to wrap herself tightly around a body part and constrict, she was declared to be relatively safe. Indeed, 5 feet is not as large as these snakes get, with some reaching over eight or nine feet in length. Experts had stated that she would not pose a serious threat to people or pets.


With this in mind, these boas are not native to Canada, and therefore her survival was not guaranteed. She ran the risk of dying from exposure, starvation, and even being attacked by other predators.

In any matter, Snow has been found and is no longer a danger to the public or at danger herself.

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