Opinion: Why Being Single In Vancouver Is Awesome

Single in Vancouver

There’s much ado about the dismal state of Vancouver’s dating scene, and it doesn’t help that our women are the pickiest daters in Canada or that our men are bad at flirting. If the rumours are true, we’re a city of unapproachable ice queens and laidback scrubs doomed to repeat a vicious cycle where women observe romance is dead and men lament unrealistic dating standards. Our dating culture sure gets a bad rep but in case you forgot – being single is awesome.

In fact, single people may be doing a number on couples with their complaints about dating life. Dating is a time full of adventure, uncertainty and excitement, although it can be easy to dismiss it when you’re in it. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate the lifestyle of singletons in Vancouver. Here’s to all the single ladies (and guys) and why they should celebrate the most important relationship they have – the one they have with themselves.

Treat Yo’Self

Nothing like a little me time to treat yourself after working hard. And although you Netflix and chill with your partner, there’s still a world of difference between that and me time. Going solo on binge-watching Netflix deep into the night without the partner complaining about the light from the laptop? Now that’s late night bliss.


Remember coordinating your schedule between date nights, gym days, volunteer shifts or networking events? Add on top of this, slotting in time to hang out with your friends, his friends and family days. All things said and done, some things are easier to do with two people such as, making the bed or carrying groceries, but pencilling in plans was not one of them.

Pocket Money

Hey look at that – freed-up funds to do whatever you like with it. Being in a relationship spells date nights and one good meal will blow through your careful budget. Not to mention, there’s no longer a need to expend mental thought on coming up with the right gift. Striving to create a perfect balance between utility, thoughtfulness and general appeal – say goodbye to all that. The biggest worry you have is whether you should pick up the next round.

Ladies’ Night/Guys’ Night

There is nothing like the anticipation of getting dressed up for a night out with your single pals. Pre-drinks served with gossip followed up by a night out on the town. Similarly, having a guys’ night whether that’s the bro version of the pre-game ritual, a video game marathon, or catching a sports game, these were nights of no accountability. Ah, freedom.

First Date Stories

Horror date stories often make single people doubt whether they will ever find a partner that meets the bar for “functioning member of society,” but after the initial shock is over, it’s one for the storybooks. Horror stories of blind dates gone awry and awkward Tinder dates are just plain hilarious in their own right. The drama of the average couple just can’t compete with the bizarre displays of human behaviour in the courting process. And in Vancouver, this is where our notoriously bleak dating scene comes in handy.

So, to all the singletons of the Lower Mainland enjoying their lives, you do you.

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