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Shelter Rescues Tiny Bear Cub A Fraction of The Size It Should Be

Tiny Cub was Rescued after being found weighing a third of what is should be

Photo: Northern Lights Wildlife Society / Facebook

A B.C. wildlife shelter is hoping to save one of the smallest bears they’ve taken into their care, at a third of the size it should be.

The Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter (NLWS) recently found a cub, in Telkwa, weighing just 12 pounds. At this time of his life, the cub should weigh about 50-75 pounds.

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“He is skin and bones, he is tiny,” shelter owner Angelika Langen told Surrey New Leader.

But the little guy looks like he is going to pull through, she said, calling it an “amazing story of survival.”

Bear found weighing just 12 pounds
Photo: Northern Lights Wildlife Society / Facebook

When the bear came in, they had to warm him up with blankets and a hot water bottle. His paws were bloody from trying to dig up food from the frozen ground.

The shelter recently took in another cub, who came in with a bullet wound between his ear and eye.

“We really didn’t expect to find something like this. In the over 500 bears we’ve never found something like this,” said Langen. The bullet “could’ve easily gone into the ear or eye and caused some major damage. Having that in there wasn’t a good thing but now that it has been removed it will heal and he will never remember that it was there.”

The Merritt bear is eligible for release.

The shelter does not receive government funding, so they rely on sponsors and donations. They are currently hosting a fundraiser in Smithers.

Bears are becoming more desperate for food it seems, as there have been more reported stories of them visiting public spaces. While in Port Moody a resident found a bear trapped inside their vehicle.

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