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Sea Lion Drags Girl Into Water in Steveston, Richmond (Video)

Killer Sea Lion Drags Girl Into Water in Steveston, Richmond (Video)

Photo: Michael Fujiwara

A video capturing a Steveston sea lion dragging a young girl into the sea has gone viral since being published to YouTube on May 20.

In the dramatic video, a young girl is seen on the pier with several other people who are throwing food into the water.

At one point, a girl innocently decides to sit down on the edge of the dock. The sea lion, who is interested in more food, swims up to the dock before leaping out of the water to pull the young girl in by her dress.

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The young girl’s grandfather jumps in after her immediately while the sea lion swims off.

Fortunately, the girl was rescued without a fight.

Marine experts are using the incident as a reminder to not feed wildlife.

The mammal is likely a California sea lion was are native to British Columbia. They can grow up to nearly 900 pounds and grow more than 7 feet tall.

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