Riverview Hospital Will Officially Reopen In 2019 with $100 Million Makeover


Riverview Hospital has been a strong point of contention for decades; however, a decision was made today to reopen the facility.

The incumbent NDP government announced on Friday, November 17th that the facility will reopen its doors in 2019.

The news comes after the mayor of Coquitlam released a teary statement over Facebook calling for the revival of the institution. Mayor Richard Stewart had just attended the funeral of a young man when he wrote the statement. The young man lost his life to addiction after a losing battle with his mental health issues.

“People afflicted by mental illness and addiction need better support and care. We’re getting to work to fix the problems and give people the help they need,” Premier Horgan said. “Today’s ground breaking is an important step toward improving mental health and addictions treatment services in British Columbia.”

Riverview Health Care Centre To Open in 2019

The new centre will cost an impressive $100 million to construct. Also, it will have 101 beds and offer highly specialized treatment. It promises to be a “state-of-the-art metal health and addictions centre,” which will provide patients with much needed care and support.

A release from the Government of Canada provides some interesting facts about the new facility.

  • The centre will care for the most severe and complex patients from throughout B.C. As a provincial service, it will use telehealth technology to support team-based approaches to care and create improved communication between health-care providers wherever they are in the province, to better care for each patient.
  • It will feature individual rooms and therapeutic design elements to support recovery, such as healing spaces, natural light, Indigenous artwork and views of the Riverview lands. What’s more, patients will receive care in a safe, secure and inviting environment. They are designed to offer the right supports at a time when their illness is most acute.
  • It will be built to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold standards.
  • It is one of two projects that will create a health district at the north end of the Riverview site, including Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre for youth and Community Living British Columbia’s Provincial Assessment Centre, both also under construction.


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  • cathy henatyszen

    Great news, however, 101 beds are no where near enough to meet the current needs of the Lowermainland.

  • scriptysandra

    They need 100 times that.

  • Sam

    My exact thoughts! 100 beds? You’ve got to be joking? We need 1000 to even make a dent in the problems just in the Lower Mainland alone!!!

  • Tara Mary Herrmann

    101 beds is better then no beds at all. This is a start to make a better life for these individual’s

  • Lynda Ann Davies

    Great news, but yeah – 100 times that would be more in line with what we really need!!!

  • Daniel Richard

    1000 beds? That would be $10,000,000,000 dollars. Who is going to pay for that? Be realistic; 100 beds will be for the most critical, severe cases as determined by some sort of triage and with better help that this facility will be able to give, the turnaround time for patients won’t be a lifetime like the old Riverview was.

  • Joey Stromquist

    Hurry Its a start long over due