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Richmond Adds Poppies To Street Signs To Remember City’s Fallen

Photo: City of Richmond

New poppy-adorned streets signs have blossomed in Richmond to commemorate local soldiers who lost their lives in military service.

To date, 61 streets in the city of Richmond have been named after local soldiers.

The memorial streets have been highlighted with new street sign blades that are emblazoned with a poppy, Canada’s traditional symbol of remembrance for those who have been killed in military service in World War I and II.

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Installation of the new street signs began earlier this month and is expected to be completed by the end of November. Nearly 275 new street signs were designed to showcase the memorial streets.

“We owe a debt to our fallen soldiers that can never be paid,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “This new street sign program is just one more way in which we can honour and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.”

The program was launched by the Friends of the Richmond Archives and models similar programs across the world in Europe and New Zealand.

According to the City of Richmond, a new website will be launched in the near future and provide history on each veteran named on the signs.

Below is a list of the memorial streets in Richmond:

  • Abercrombie Road
  • Allison Court
  • Aliison Street
  • Bowcock Road
  • Boyd Court
  • Carter Court
  • Carter Drive
  • Chatterton Road
  • Comstock Road
  • Cooper Road
  • Craig Road
  • Davies Court
  • Davies Place
  • Dayton Road
  • Dixon Avenue
  • Dolphin Avenue
  • Donald Road
  • Edgington Avenue*
  • Fedoruk Road
  • Finlayson Drive
  • Forsyth Crescent
  • Foster Road
  • Gage Road
  • Gagnon Road
  • Gamba Drive
  • Gates Avenue
  • Gay Road
  • Gibbons Drive
  • Gilmore Crescent
  • Grandy Road
  • Greenland Drive
  • Greenland Place
  • Hall Avenue
  • Hall Place
  • Hayne Court
  • Kartner Road
  • Kitcher Place
  • Lechow Street
  • Lemon Avenue
  • Leslie Road
  • Mang Road
  • McCutcheon Avenue
  • McKessock Avenue
  • McKessock Place
  • McLennan Avenue
  • McLeod Avenue
  • Moffatt Road
  • Moore Road
  • Muir Drive
  • Myhill Road
  • Myron Drive
  • Olafson Avenue
  • Scotchbrook Road
  • Shields Avenue
  • Sills Avenue
  • Smith Crescent
  • Tucker Avenue
  • Turnill Street
  • Wallace Road
  • Wheeler Road
  • Willett Avenue

*Edgington Avenue was designated as a memorial street, but the original roadway was subsequently decommissioned. A new Edgington Avenue will be opened in 2017.

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