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Richmond May Reduce Vehicle Lane Size To Make Room for Bike Lanes

Richmond bike lane

Photo: John Luton / Flickr

In an effort to encourage cycling, Richmond may change its roads to make room for bike lanes.

City Councillor Kelly Greene recently made the suggestion in hopes of creating bike lanes similar to those in Europe.

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“What we’re really lacking is separated bike lanes and that means fully separated, not just a line of paint on the road,” said Greene to CBC.

Adding more lanes will protect cyclists and encourage more people to ride and reduce carbon emissions, she added.

Greene took inspiration from many Dutch cities, which have protected bike lanes. She would also like to potentially tweak the timing of lights to give pedestrians and cyclists a head start.

She added that they wouldn’t have to add new lanes, because the ones in Richmond are already wide.

“By reducing the size of the car lanes to normal and squeaking out a few inches from the easement in a lot of places we don’t need to even talk about taking away vehicle lanes,” she said. “It’s just a matter of reorganizing what we already have.”

Greene will table her motion Tuesday, January 6.

Vancouver is currently adding more bike lanes downtown that will accommodate the hundreds of cyclists who get on their bikes each day. Do you think Richmond needs more bike lanes?

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