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Richmond Makes First Step Towards Requiring English On Signage

Richmond Approves Motion To Crackdown On Chinese-Only Signs

The City of Richmond recently began a motion to incorporate more English on signs and advertisements in the community. Many local businesses use only Chinese to promote their brands and it has created quite the controversy. City councillors are starting to restrict signs that have not been approved by the city, as previously reported by 604 Now.

The City of Richmond is taking the first step towards adding English to Chinese-only signage by requiring it on bus shelter advertisements.

Various bus shelter ads in Richmond are printed exclusively in Chinese. From Crest toothpaste and mouthwash ads to Budweiser beer ads—the City is now changing the rules so that the ads must be predominantly in English.

Nearly 50 per cent of the population of Richmond identify themselves as being of Chinese descent. The other 50 per cent of residents speak English, which makes that half of the population feel excluded within their own community.

Ted Townsend, the spokesperson of Richmond said it is preferred and encouraged for businesses to incorporate English into at least 50 per cent of the text in ads.

While business signs that are on private property are harder to regulate, the City is able to make a case for public space bus shelter ads.

He mentions that this change comes from resident complaints and the addition of English text will ensure a more harmonious and inclusive community for all.



Written by: Meagan Gill

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