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Car Makes Left Turn & Gets Smoked By Vehicle Making Terrible Right Turn (VIDEO)

Richmond driver

Photo: Mike Stumpf‎ / Facebook

Whether you’re driving on the highway, or looking to park your car, there’s a certain way to go about it safely. In the case of one Richmond driver, they showed us exactly how not to drive.

A video uploaded to Facebook shows one driver making a legal left turn at the intersection of Jacombs Road and Westminster Highway in Richmond.

On the opposite side of the road, there’s a black Chrysler 300 that makes a right turn, but makes one critical mistake. Instead of staying in the lane closest to the right hand shoulder, it merges into the far left lane and crashes into the other car making the legal left turn.

The video was uploaded by Mike Stumpf and said he did so to “bring awareness to the proper way to make a turn at an intersection.”

As per the rules of the road, the driver of the black car was deemed to be 100% at fault.


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