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6 Things Experts Wish You Knew About Maintaining a Fridge In The Summer

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Summer is in full swing and Vancouver is feeling the heat. Following a rather cold and slow start to the season, the lower mainland saw nothing but sun in July and that pattern will continue throughout August and early September.

A refrigerator is one of the most common household appliances, and it’s hard to imagine living without one. This is especially true during summer for chilled drinks and ice cream can really help you to keep cool.

Similar to the way the heat takes a toll on our bodies, it can also impact devices around our homes as well. To help keep it cool, we’ve listed some simple tips you may not know from our friends at Handy Appliances

They could help reduce your energy bill, help keep your food from spoiling, and certainly aid in your fridge running nice and cold.

Keep your fridge a few inches from the wall

If you have the space in your kitchen, create some space between the wall and your fridge to allow air to circulate behind it. This will help disperse some heat your fridge creates. 

Change the water filter

If you have a water filter in your refrigerator, make sure that it’s replaced regularly. Most modern refrigerator models have a filter indicator that will tell you automatically when a change is needed. If you don’t have this feature, it’s a good rule of thumb to replace your water filter twice each year. A clean water filter will provide cleaner water and ensure that your ice maker is running more efficiently.

Keep it well stocked

handy appliances refrigeratorIt may seem counterproductive, but the more that’s in your fridge, the more efficient it will run. A well-stocked refrigerator uses less energy compared to an almost empty fridge. Now this doesn’t mean you should go buy a load of food that you won’t finish. A neat hack is to simply fill up the empty spaces with pitchers of water instead. This will create a full-factor that tricks your fridge into running as efficiently as possible. 

Store food in containers and built-in drawers

Free-floating items in your fridge give off moisture. As a result, your fridge works harder just to regulate the air. Use airtight containers to store your leftovers, and place your produce in the designated drawers.

Check the coils for dust

The condenser coils, typically on the back of a refrigerator, play an important role in the cooling process. Over time they can be covered with dirt or dust that will impact efficiency. Newer refrigerator models come with self-cleaning condenser systems, but older models need to be cleaned. The dust can be removed with a vacuum attachment, or you could purchase a special coil brush.

Keep an eye on your settings

With goods being stored in and out of the refrigerator throughout the year by different people in your home, it’s likely that the settings can be tampered with. Hence it’s advised to keep an eye on the settings. Any alterations in this can lead to the resources used by your appliance, ultimately leading to unwanted stress and wearing out. This also holds a risk of affecting the food inside.


If your refrigerator is still struggling with the summer heat and you’re not sure why, speak to a Handy Appliances expert for free appliance advice.


This story is part of our Expert Advice series made in partnership with local professionals in the community.

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