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Time To Conquer Your Favourite Race Track, Real Life Mario Karting Is Coming To Vancouver

Photo: Oskar Krawczyk/Unsplash

It’s time to bust out your shells. Red, if you’re feeling particularly devious.

You can soon fulfill your nostalgic dream of enjoying Real-Life Mario Karting. It’s Go Karting with a twist, with the ability to fully recreate races, characters, and stars.

The pop-up event coordinators give us hints of the event, stating that it’s a “unique experience that combines your favourite characters, friends, and new friends for a driving experience that will take you back in time.”


Photo: Mario Karting


It’s the perfect chance to show off your racing skills against the classic characters, especially on those race tracks like Rainbow Road.

Coming to Vancouver soon, tickets are limited and you can sign up here for pre-release tickets.

Thought details on if it will be indoors or outdoors are be confirmed, below is an exciting video of what it might look like if it lives up to the hype:

Real-Life Mario Karting Vancouver

Dates: TBA

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