People Will Have To Show Proof of Vaccine To Enter BC’s Next Major Music Festival

vaccine proof

In addition to an I.D., you may soon also need to show a proof of vaccine in order to enter shows and music festivals.

A large multi-day music festival taking place in Victoria this fall, and it is expected to attract over 3,000 fans per day. With positive COVID-19 cases still fluctuating, organizers say they want to put safety first.

As a result they will be asking for individuals to show their vaccination cards to be permitted on the grounds. This is the first event in B.C. with that requirement.

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The Phillips Backyard Weekender takes place on September 10 and 11 in the back lot of the Phillips Brewing and Malting Co. on Government Street. With a large space and expectations of crowds to come for entertainment and beer, organizers don’t want to take chances.

“We don’t want to put on an event and find out that something went wrong which we could have prevented,” says Matt Phillips, founder of Phillips Brewing and Malting Co. “If we’re hoping to offer people a good time, they have to know we are doing so without undue risk.”

Masks will be encouraged at the event, but not mandatory.

The BC provincial government has not yet announced any plans of launching a vaccination passport. However, some believe that it may still be coming. Now that this festival is requiring proof of vaccination, many wonder if others will follow suit.


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