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Pfizer Vaccine Shipments Delayed: How Long Does Canada Have To Wait?


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Canada will be experiencing a delay in receiving the full amount of Pfizer vaccine doses, at least in the short-run as confirmed by Procurement Minister Anita Anand.

Pfizer has very large expansion plans occurring, specifically at its manufacturing facility in Europe. This is all in efforts to keep up with the global demand. As a result, all countries that are expecting vaccines from this facility will experience delays.

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How Long Is the Delay of Pfizer Vaccine Shipments?

There are no details on exactly how long of a wait it is, but it does mean that doses will still be received, but just in lesser amounts.

“It is a temporary reduction, it’s not a stoppage. We will make up those doses,” Anand said.

The Prime Minister reassured Canadians that to date the shipments have been ahead of schedule, and acknowledged that there is expected to be some “bumps along the way.”

Do We Know How Many Vaccines Canada is Getting Now?

While we don’t know the exact amount of lessened doses Canada will be getting yet, Norway reported that their deliveries will be reduced by approximately 18%.

Canada was planning on receiving between 124,800 and 366,600 Pfizer doses every week between now and the end of February. The goal is to have 6 million total doses both from Pfizer and Moderna by the end of March.

While it is being labelled as temporary, Anand wanted to reassure Canadians that Pfizer believes they will be able to catch up on their promised amounts by the targeted deadline.

Should Canadians Be Worried?

Anand stated that the Canadian government is taking measures to ensure that all the countries impacted by this delay are treated equally. She also said that she remains in constant contact with Pfizer, who has assured her the delay will be “short.”

Canada remains on track to vaccinate everyone who wants to be, by the end of September.


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