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NDP Wants To Tighten Rules For Party Bus Operators In BC

NDP Wants To Tighten Rules For Party Bus Operators In BC

Following this past weekends tragedy, in which a young woman fell to her death from a moving party bus in downtown Vancouver, the NDP are calling to strengthen the province’s rules for party bus operators, again..

In a statement, B.C. MLA and well known transportation critic George Hayman called for tighter regulation to reassure the public that safety standards are in effect and enforced. Among many suggestions, Hayman wants to see a chaperone on board during party bus bookings, so the driver can focus on the road, and the chaperone can ensure safety among passengers.

“A chaperone should be trained. The driver can’t be expected to keep an eye on a bus load of people who are partying as he’s trying to drive the bus safely. It’s unacceptable in British Columbia that an industry operates with apparent impunity from safety standards.”

The province has been cracking down on the industry as of late, and introduced a big change last year that required stretch limousines to get special plates to simplify enforcement for police officers. While Heyman admits that was a good first step, he doesn’t believe it’s enough.

On the flip side of the coin, the recent tragedy has numerous limousine business owners worried of new rules. In a phone interview, a limousine operator from Vancouver told 604 Now that many in the industry are crossing their fingers that the province acknowledges that the recent incident was a “freak accident”, and something easily preventable.

The operator, who wishes to stay anonymous, also stated “recent changes in 2015 only added to our costs, and with the addition of a chaperone, those costs will continue to go up – something that no client is ever happy with. Adding a chaperone as an option would be a better path. For example, if your booking party is 25 and older, and isn’t drinking, they would benefit from not paying additional fees for a chaperone. Whereas a younger party, that’s a different story, and it makes more sense to have someone there in the back”.


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