Try These Super Fun Mountain Activities In Vancouver This Winter

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Mountain Activities In Vancouver

While many people associate mountain fun with snowboarding and skiing, there are a plethora of fun things to do on Metro Vancouver’s big hills.

Indeed, from snowshoeing to cross-country skiing, snowmobiling to good ol’ fashioned snowball fights, there are endless activities to do when you want to mix up your winter alpine routine.

Mountain Activities In Vancouver


Mountain Activities In Vancouver

It may look easy, but snowshoeing can actually be a pretty decent workout. While it doesn’t involve the balance of snowboarding or skiing, it still gets the heart pumping. What’s more, it provides you and your friends with a scenic tour through the woods, and you’ll be able to chat along the way. You’ll be able to do self-guided snowshoe runs on Cypress Mountain or in Whistler, or take a guided tour. Also, both mountains have a litany of tours and packages to choose from.

In addition, Grouse Mountain has updated the traditional grouse grind into the Snowshoe Grind, and it looks fairly challenging. Forget the cumbersome snowshoes of yesteryear, these updated models will have you picking up steam. They also have clinics for ladies, social nights, boomers, private tours, babies, beginners and more. Whew!

Cross-Country Skiing

Mountain Activities In Vancouver

Although regular skiing may seem more exciting, cross-country skiing is a phenomenal workout. In fact, the motion allows you to target a greater range of muscle groups than many other forms of exercise. Targeting the upper and lower body with a fluid and consistent pressure, it gives you a complete full-body workout. In addition, it provides some serene mental clarity and affords some breathtaking mountain views. Whistler has over 160 kms of trails for all ability levels means plenty of variety for extended ski vacations. Cypress Mountain also offers a variety of classes and clinics for people of all ages to perfect the sport.


Mountain Activities In Vancouver

Not everyone seems to try it, but snowmobiling is incredibly fun. There’s nothing quite like blasting across fields of snow. Alternatively, daredevils take these vehicles down slopes, but not everyone is quite so keen on that! Whistler has tours to suit all level riders with options for private groups, families and dual riders. What’s more, some tours take you over frozen ponds and old growth forests, while others include a warming hut with a snack. The options, as well as the fun, are endless.


Mountain Activities In Vancouver

While tubing is fun virtually anywhere that there is snow and some sort of incline, Whistler takes the experience to a whole new level. They offer over 1000 feet of sliding bliss with multiple lanes and a special conveyor lift to return you to the top. What’s more, the whole family may enjoy tubing under lights in the evening for a sparkling adventure at night.

Ice Skating

Mountain Activities In Vancouver

Photo: Grouse Mountain

Ice skating is a great deal of fun in Vancouver’s Robson Square, and while you are right in the heart of downtown Vancouver. With that being said, there’s nothing like being at the Peak of Christmas on Grouse Mountain for one the most festive skates in all of Metro Vancouver. Indeed, the 8,000 square foot outdoor pond is lit with breathtaking light installations and is truly one of the most magical places to skate in.

Dog Sledding

Mountain Activities In Vancouver

Photo: Tourism Whistler

Ever dreamed of being in the driver’s seat behind a pack of sled-dogs as they speed across an endless expanse of glistening white snow? Now is your chance! Whistler Dog Sledding offers an amazing experience, where you’ll learn about the unique physiology and incredible skills of the specially bred Arctic sled dogs. You have the choice of either mushing your own pack, or letting one of the skilled professionals take the reins and guide your journey.

Winter Bungee Jumping

Mountain Activities In Vancouver

Phone: Tourism Whistler

Although it is exciting all year round, bungee jumping during the winter months is positively exhilarating. Whistler offers this phenomenal winter experience for aficionados of the activity, or for those who are taking the leap for the first time. Surrounded by old-growth forests, it is British Columbia’s highest year-round bungee jumping venue featuring a 50 meter drop.

Looking for more excitement during the frosty season? Check out our list of free things to do during the winter in Vancouver and all of the places that you ice skate in the city.

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