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Most Played Out Vancouver Costumes: Ladies Edition

With Halloween just around the corner, if you haven’t picked out a costume yet, you most likely are debating what exactly you want to be this year!

Last week, we created a list of the most played out costumes for guys. Ladies, whatever you decide to dress up as, we beg you, do not dress up as one of the following, as we have compiled a list of the most played out Halloween costumes by Vancouver ladies!

1. Anything Jersey Shore

It wasn’t a great idea in it’s first season, and as the show enter it’s fifth and last season, dressing up as Snooki, is still not a good idea! Don’t even think about dressing up as a pregnant Snooki either..

2. Lady GaGa

There’s a reason those Lady GaGa costumes are marked down at your neighbourhood costume store. Dressing up as Lady GaGa was okay back in her Paparazzi days, now that she no longer dresses how she did in those costumes, we’d say it’s best to stay away from this played out costume.

3. Anything With Sexy In The Title

Sexy Nurse, Sexy Cop, Sexy Devil, we can’t express enough, how horrible these costumes are. Though there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look a little sexy on Halloween, these costumes are not the way to accomplish that look! With their generic sizing, and sometimes, “one size fits all” these outfits often lead those wearing them worrying about a nip slip, or some other sort of disaster throughout the night as things don’t fit properly and just don’t look sexy at all. Think about it like this, don’t wear something that could get you fired!

4. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is an amazing icon, however, dressing up as her has been overplayed for too long, and yet people still do it! We love the girl, but please, don’t dress up as her for Halloween!

5. Octomom

Believe it or not, people do dress up as Octomom for Halloween.. Why? We don’t know! Whatever you do, avoid this costume at all costs! And don’t dress up as porn star Octomom either, she might be famous, but this is no excuse to justify any sort of idea to dress up as her this Halloween!

6. Yourself

Halloween only comes once a year, don’t act too cool for it, suck it up and put on a costume! Don’t be a Halloween downer, get in the spirit, it’s fun!


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