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Most Played Out Vancouver Costumes: Guys Edition

C’mon guys, admit it – costume ideas are one of the many challenges we face every year. We usually sit around until last minute and then finally pick something.

We recently took a look inside ClubZone’s Hallween pictures from Vacouver 2011 and literally shook our heads at how many people we’re wearing the same thing, in the same venue!

You can have the best make-up artist or newest edition of the costume, but if it falls under one of eight below, just don’t bother..

1. The Joker – AKA a supervillain and the archenemy of Batman from the 2008 movie the Dark Knight. Keyword: 2008! Ever since the debut of the Joker, you will see at least one person per party dressed up as the clown. Yeah he’s cool, but lost his originality in 08.

2. Superman – Amongst all the superheroes, Superman is usually the most popular when it comes to Halloween. The costume comes with fake muscles and a big chest which of course strokes one’s ego. If you’re really that ripped, just paint a ‘S’ on your chest..

3. Football Player – A really popular choice for last minute guys. All you need is a jersey and your mom/sisters eye liner to draw thick lines under your eyes and your set. Some guys even wear hockey equipment underneath to add that “professional” appeal. Bottom line: if you’re going to the extent of using make-up, be creative!

4. Sports Jerseys in general – This continues to be the horrible costume. Wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey does not make you Kobe Bryant. Wearing your high school/college football uniform does not count as a costume – it just spreads a weird aroma around the room since you probably threw it on last minute and haven’t washed it from last practice.

5. Referee – Common costume for Foot-Locker employee’s.. Kiddin, or am I? Most guys find a pair of black pants, get a zebra top and are out the door. Most don’t even go to the extent of wearing a whistle. Realistically, who wants to party with a referee?

6. Secret Agent – A step above the Football players. Instead of wearing a jersey your actually pulling out a nice suit, which is a step, but just makes you look overdressed considering you’ll have to look extremely polished which is kind of uncomfortable if you plan on partying.

7. Security Guard – Security guards are okay if you come in a group with your boys all dressed up as S.W.A.T or something, but other than that it doesn’t really make sense. Wearing pants, a t-shirt and a security vest over it is pretty boring.
Alan from Hangover. The movie aired 3 years ago yet dressing up as a chubby guy with low intelligence and a baby you found named Carlos still appears funny right? no.

8. Yourself – Unless your name is, no wait. Just don’t.

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