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10 Tales of Love From Vancouver Craigslist’s Missed Connections We Wish Success

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Vancouver’s Craigslist is still hosting missed connections, and we are hoping to help connect them

The long-running section “Missed Connections” is infamous for entering in moments where you met someone that may have been special but didn’t quite close the deal. Many wondering lovers flock to the online forum in hopes to find “the one that might have gotten away.”

This year, in a year like no other, we truly hope we can help potential partners find each other.

I mean…stranger things have happened (eh-hem global pandemic).

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Here are 10 Missed Connections That Need A Shout Out

T girl in my building

Hi, I see you around, although less these days. Always wanted to introduce myself but wasn’t sure if you are with someone.

You are curvy, pretty, dark hair. If this sounds familiar say hello.

Elevator guy.

Wormy Worm at Walmart (Surrey)

You were the amazingly beautiful woman looking to replace the toy for your daughter, we searched and searched and finally found it. I should have asked you to coffee, i should have asked for you to let me know if your daughter was happy, instead I just thought how beautiful you were, how attached you must be, and let you walk away. Anyway, if you or someone sees this, let me know if your daughter is happy and the wormy worm is safe from the fate its predecessor suffered.

British (?) Brunette Barista (Kits)

Came in to Platform 7 on Broadway and Vine yesterday (Feb 2nd) to grab a coffee before work. You were at the counter, beaming, as though a million fireflies were lighting up the air around you. Okay, that was dramatic but you were very cute and even with a mask on, I could feel the contagiousness of your smile. I asked for an americano with cream, you asked how much, to which I frantically responded, “umm uhhh an average amount?”. You giggled and then I went and sat down. I wanted to say something else so badly but there were so many people around so I got nervous. If by some small chance you’re reading this, describe what I was wearing and/or what I looked like.

I hope to see you again barista boy! Maybe we could have coffee together, but this time I’ll make it :)

Thrift shop shopping (Coquitlam)

Your perfume is intoxicating. As were you.

Thanks for that.

I saw you twice last Friday on/near Main st. You are gorgeous, and mor (E.12th between main and kingsway)

I saw you from a distance putting up your hoodie, masking up, I walked past with a chubby guy and told you; “You look nice”.
You; “Thank you”

Then I saw you an hour later on main I said hi again you gave me a beautiful smile.

I’m going to casually hang around there with the hopes of seeing you again. Next time I see you I will ask you out for sure.

Or, if you see this please contact me, I want to know you…..

Cypress chair lift (Vancouver)

Asian girl from Toronto. Alittle awkward at the start. Pretty chill girl by the time we got off.
I’m the dude going to revelstoke if restrictions get lifted

I saw You: Walking Across the Street (Downtown)

I saw you crossing Main and Cordova on the 13th, I was crossing there too. I was headed to the Chinatown Post Office, you were headed in the opposite direction.
You had glasses. I have black curly hair, and had a Steven Rhodes retro silliness face mask on. I was wearing black jeans and an army green jacket.
Anywho, though these are insane times maybe we could get a cup of coffee at some point (if the world doesn’t implode before then, haha).

Wreck / Acadia Beach – My size caught your eye

Ahhh how I miss summer.

I was laying on the beach under the sun as you approached. Seeing you do a double-take, mouth “OMG” and point….it…out to your friend, really made my day.

If you wanted a closer look, you should have said so! Curious to take a closer look now?

Gina! was that you? (Vancouver)

I thought I may have seen you but wasn’t sure ‘cuz you were wearing a mask and so was I, as we were grocery shopping. If you read this. I will be at the pier at 7:30. :)

To the person who honked at me

I was walking across the street minding my own business and you honked to get my attention to press the button to change the lights; fuck you. you made me drop my tea you impatient prick

Perhaps this last one isn’t a love connection…and best to be missed.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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