Closed Metro Vancouver Restaurants You Still Miss Today

closed metro vancouver restaurants

There have been so many great restaurants that have come and gone in the Vancouver area and some we still hold near and dear in our hearts long after they’ve closed their doors.

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Closed Metro Vancouver Restaurants You Miss

Rainforest Cafe

rainforest cafe metrotown mall burnaby

Photo: Metropolis at Metrotown

It was once a wild place to grab a bite in Metrotown. It was only open from 1998 to 2001 but it left a big impact. Sounds of rain and thunder filled the restaurant, making you feel like you’re actually in a rainforest. They also had lots of “animals” around to create the scene.


closed metro vancouver restaurants

Photo: knightbefore_99/Instagram

They’re fondly remembered for their fries, garlic mayo and good times. It was a popular eatery along Commercial Drive that has been closed for almost a decade now. They were known for their nachos, yam fries and mac-and-cheese.

The Cannery

closed metro vancouver restaurants

Photo: Crystal H./Yelp

The seafood restaurant was a staple in Vancouver on Commissioner Street. They were in service for 39 years and closed down in 2010. It was a sad day for a lot of people who loved spending their nights dining here.

Bobs Subs

closed metro vancouver restaurants

Photo: Rick H./Yelp

This Richmond sandwich shop was a hit among many. Located along No. 3 Road, it was a great spot for some greasy but good eats. They only closed their doors last year but it left a sandwich-sized hole in a lot of people’s hearts.


closed metro vancouver restaurants

Photo: haljackey/Reddit

If you grew up in the ’90s, chances are you remember Zeller’s and the fact that the department store even had its very own restaurant that looked like a 50s diner. They served a selection of burgers, sandwiches and had some brunch offerings too.

Greens & Gourmet

Greens & Gourmet

Photo: Chloe E./Yelp

A once popular buffet that served all vegetarian food on West Broadway. With a wide variety of vegetarian dishes and a salad bar—it was a sad day for veggie lovers when this place closed down.

What eatery do you have fond memories of in Metro Vancouver? Let us know in the comments below!


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