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Metrotown Station’s Iconic Pedestrian Walkway To Permanently Close

Photo: DennisSylvesterHurd / Flickr

The bustling Metrotown SkyTrain Station will be undergoing some changes to allow for construction of the area.

The pedestrian walkway connecting the mall and bus loop will be permanently closed to allow workers to begin the demolition of the east entrance.

The station will still be accesible but transit users will instead have to exit east of the platform by the new stairs in the centre stationhouse.

The upgrades will leave room for another overhead walkway to be built but it is up to the City of Burnaby as Translink doesn’t own the property.

Translink is currently working closely with the City to come to an agreement on funding, design and construction of the potential new walkway.

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The future bus lane will allow commuters to travel east or west along the southside of Central Boulevard. There will be barricades installed to help separate the pedestrians from traffic in the area.

Photo: Translink.ca
Photo: Translink.ca

When construction is finalized, the upgraded station will include the following:

  • A rebuilt east stationhouse and the addition of new centre and west stationhouses
  • New stairs and escalators
  • A replacement of the original elevator with three new elevators accessible via a new central entry
  • An upgraded bus exchange on Central Boulevard
  • New secure bike parking

During construction, there will be no escalators available going into the station—only stairs. There will be a HandyDART and Community Shuttles running between Metrotown and Patterson stations to assist guests until the new elevators open in the Spring.

Additional Translink staff will be on-site to help direct travellers during the construction period.

For more information on the Metrotown SkyTrain Station construction, visit the website.

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