Metrotown Station Walkway Has Permanently Closed

Metrotown Station Walkway Has Permanently Closed

Translink has gone ahead and permanently closed the overhead walkway that connects Metrotown Skytrain station to Metropolis mall and the bus loop.

To exit the platform, both commuters are customers will now have use a new set of stairs in the centre stationhouse and cross Central Boulevard to access the mall and bus loop.

To make matters worse, Metrotown Station is still without elevator service since Translink closed it when construction initially began in early 2015.

Construction is expected to be completed in spring 2017 and will include room for a new overhead walkway if a deal is reached between Translink and the City of Burnaby to build one.



In the meantime, customers with accessibility issues are advised to take advantage of Translink’s HandyDART and Community Shuttles running between Metrotown and Patterson stations.

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  • mrcanada976

    This is the stupidest thing Translink has done yet.

    “Oh lets disable the elevators at the busiest station outside of downtown for two years and then upgrade a perfectly fine station built like a nuclear bunker designed to last for 100 years, then permanently close the walkway that makes the station so popular with our customers, disable all the escalators on top of disabling the elevators and make some rinky dink temporary staircases so people can escape or board the train. Hahaha that will teach them not to give us our 1% sales tax!!”

    What lunacy. That’s like Walmart making all their customers enter through the service entrance at the back door at their most popular location. Who hired these idiots?

  • John

    It was a “perfectly fine” station 3 decades ago when it served a small residential/industrial area with a Sears store. Adding a megamall, office towers, and now even more built and being built made it a disaster to commute to and from, and crowding would only get worse. It had to be expanded and improved at some point. Putting it off until crowds are falling into the tracks seems like a bad idea to me.

    So for now, we can suck it up for a bit. If they had decided to close the station entirely to do things faster, it’d be done by now.

    Also, not sure why you said escalators and elevators, as the were only one of each. When it’s done, there will be multiples of each. Short term pain to fix a station with a lot of problems.

  • mrcanada976

    Did you visit New Westminster Station before and after the “upgrades”?

    Its the same station just with glass instead of wire mesh, and it took them close to 2 years. Like Metrotown, during construction they narrowed the platforms to dangerously narrow – for close to two years.

    Two points here: (a) Translink is blowing a ton of money on these upgrades that are dubiously necessary, and (b) they obviously have to do a better job of managing their projects. I’ve seen whole condo towers go up faster than these station upgrades.

    They can forget their 1% sales tax as far as I’m concerned until they learn to stop wasting time and money.

    Ever notice that the escalators are always under repair during the morning rush hour? I mean come on, that’s when they’re needed most.

    Hopefully the new CEO cleans up this disaster of an organization.