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Metrotown Station Walkway Has Permanently Closed

Photo: Google Maps

Translink has gone ahead and permanently closed the overhead walkway that connects Metrotown Skytrain station to Metropolis mall and the bus loop.

To exit the platform, both commuters are customers will now have use a new set of stairs in the centre stationhouse and cross Central Boulevard to access the mall and bus loop.

To make matters worse, Metrotown Station is still without elevator service since Translink closed it when construction initially began in early 2015.

Construction is expected to be completed in spring 2017 and will include room for a new overhead walkway if a deal is reached between Translink and the City of Burnaby to build one.

Photo: Translink.ca
Photo: Translink.ca

In the meantime, customers with accessibility issues are advised to take advantage of Translink’s HandyDART and Community Shuttles running between Metrotown and Patterson stations.

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