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Christmas Is Over And Gone, But The Rain In Vancouver Isn’t

Vancouver Rain-Nov12

Photo: Viv Lynch / Flickr

Well, we were lucky enough to see blue skies over Christmas, but now the Vancouver weather forecast calls for rain.

There will be a break of sunshine Friday afternoon, with temperatures sitting at six degrees. But by the evening, however, the clouds will roll in with some showers overnight.

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Light rain will continue Saturday, predicts The Weather Network, with two to four mm of rain in the afternoon.

Vancouver Weather Forecast
Photo: The Weather Network

Saturday evening will be cloudy with showers equaling to about one mm of rain and temperatures at five to six degrees.

Sunday will be about the same, with up to three mm of rain and temperatures at five degrees in the morning, before rising to eight degrees.

That evening will be dry with some clouds.

The forecast will be a less kind in other parts of B.C. however, as The Weather Network warns of 90 km/hour winds for the central coast.

Meanwhile, parts of B.C. saw severe snow storms and the Port Hardy region was hit by several earthquakes.

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