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Meet The Only Metro Vancouver Company That Sells and Syncs All Your Smart Appliances

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Being in the market for a new major appliance, be it an oven, a washer dryer, or even a dishwasher requires more than just matching it to your home decor.

Just like your smartphone, appliances have gone digital. They have the ability to speak to your devices and be controlled from applications in addition to the traditional turn of a dial. While this is the way of the future, the new level of knowledge to navigate these smart appliances can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, there’s at least one independent retailer that understands new technology pains and offers to sync all your major smart appliances.

Making Your Home ‘Smarter’

Today’s appliances have the ability to be customized and alert you as needed.

You can do things like preheat your oven from your phone on the way home from work, or do your laundry and monitor the wash cycle while watching your favourite show in another room. If you want, you can even see the inside of your refrigerator from your smartphone.

As amazing as that all sounds, it often requires a sophisticated set-up to ensure all your devices are synced to a smartphone.

Once synced however, these appliances bring a new level of comfort and ease in today’s busy on-the-go lifestyle.

Don’t Need To Be an Expert But Know Where To Find One

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Photo: Handy Appliances

Gone are the days when you could simply plug in your appliance and make use of all its features. Truth be told, today’s appliances require skilled and knowledgeable sales staff, installers & service technicians – all of which you’ll find at Handy Appliances.

In addition to becoming factory-certified, meaning they learn about each appliance directly from the manufacturers, their team stands apart as true smart appliance experts across the lower mainland. It’s like having the manufacturer of your microwave in your home, syncing your appliances but also troubleshooting what isn’t working correctly.

This direct service is unique, making Handy Appliances the only company covering from Chilliwack to Pemberton that will sell, deliver and set everything up for customers – all in a single go.

Providing an exclusive service with a true expert, where the one single team can sell, and deliver your appliances is the same one that syncs everything up for you is what makes Handy Appliances a true local gem.

“Providing all services under one roof, gives us lots of flexibility to support our customers” says Tina Nourkami of Handy Appliances.

To learn more, visit them online or visit one of their showrooms in Vancouver or their Squamish location opening very soon.

Photo: Handy Appliances

At the end of the day, smart technology should make your life easier, not more difficult.



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