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Mayor Of Delta Calls On Province To Revise Bridge Tolling Policy

The History Of Alex Fraser Bridge

Last week, the mayors of Surrey and New Westminster along with Translink agreed on a memorandum to toll the replacement Pattullo Bridge after it’s built.

While the mayor of New Westminster seemed more confident in the idea, the mayor of Surrey showed hesitance and rightfully so considering this will be the second tolled bridge in the city, adding to the Port Mann bridge.

With the Pattullo, Port Mann, and Golden Ears Bridge all tolling drivers, Alex Fraser Bridge will ultimately become the only free bridge, which is calling for traffic chaos.

Delta’s mayor Louis Jackson has weighed in on the decision, and is calling on the Province to review the tolling policy.

Jackson points out that the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges are losing both money and traffic as drivers consistently try to avoid the tolls. She also doesn’t believe it’s reasonable to charge $10.00 for a truck to cross a bridge.

Jackson adds that the future bridge to replace the Massey Tunnel will also likely be tolled, ultimately sending even more drivers to the Alex Fraser bridge and causing havoc.

“Everybody uses bridges. Bridges cost a lot of money. If everybody paid $1, according to the 2011 traffic numbers, we would realize about $378-million a year, and I think we should be looking at that.”

What are your thoughts on tolling the Pattullo bridge? Let us know in the comments below!



Image via The Wiz is in Canada / 604 Now Flickr Pool

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