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A Massive, Kilometre-Wide Asteroid Will Pass by Earth Today


A day after the rising of the wolf moon, a massive asteroid referred to as 1994 PC 1 by scientists will soar past earth today, Tuesday January 18.

According to NASA Asteroid Watch, it will pass within 1.98 million kilometres of Earth, the closest encounter since January, 1993.

The asteroid is about one kilometre wide, and larger than anything on our planet, including the world’s tallest building.

Canadians have the best chance to spot 1994 PC1 using a small telescope or binoculars at dusk, in an area with low light pollution.

If you’re unable to find a suitable location, you can tune in online where the Virtual Telescope Project will livestream the passing.

Experienced observers state asteroid 1994 PC1 will be one of the easiest asteroids to locate, granted amateur astronomers point their telescope at the correct position and time.


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