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Congested Massey Tunnel May Not Be Replaced With 10-lane Bridge After All

Massey Tunnel

Photo: Stephen Rees / Flickr

It looks like a new bridge won’t be replacing the congested Massey Tunnel.

B.C. Transportation Minister Claire Trevena met with Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie and city staff to discuss a report put together by the BC government.


The report hints that the BC NDP isn’t interested in moving forward with a 10-lane bridge.

“The Minister advised that any future crossing improvement option would not include a 10-lane bridge,” reads the report.

What’s being weighed right now is “a mutually supportable solution to address congestion along the Highway 99 in a timely manner”.

Construction on the $3.5-billion dollar bridge was started last year when the B.C. Liberals were still in power. However, when the NDP came in, all work was halted and engineer Stan Cowdell was hired to reevaluate if the tunnel needed to be replaced in the first place.

While there is little doubt that the Massey tunnel needs to be upgraded, Transportation Minister Claire Trevena has argued in the past that there needs to be further investigation into whether the 10-lane bridge is truly the best solution.

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