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Government Says Alex Fraser Bridge Project Won’t Be Complete Until 2019

Alex Fraser Bridge

Photo: Reg Natarajan / Flickr

In total, the government estimates the Alex Fraser Bridge project will save drivers approximately 15 minutes on their commute; however, the project won’t be won’t be complete until next year.

Originally slated for completion in Fall 2018, organizers say that the project will likely be finished in Summer 2019.

The ministry will be replacing the existing concrete barrier on the bridge with a moveable barrier. The barrier may then be moved to accommodate peak traffic periods with the help of a machine known as a “road zipper”.

As such, the new moveable barrier will allow four lanes northbound and three lanes southbound during the morning rush hour; however, this means that the lanes must “shrink” in order to accommodate an additional one.

Now, the North Delta Reporter cites that the cable replacement as well as additional engineering are pushing the timeline back.

Crew has begun installing new traffic lights at Nordel Way, but the moveable barrier won’t be installed until next year.

Alex Fraser Bridge

As one of the most congested bridges in the province, rush hour is often a nightmare on the crossing.  In fact, an average of more than 119,000 vehicles use the bridge daily.

Sadly, this incredible congestion has led to more than delays. The Delta Optimist reports that the bridge was the site of more collisions than in any other part of Delta with 923 incidents over the past five years.

On December 17th, 2017, an incredible 5 car crash resulted in a taxi being forced on top of another car.



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