Lock In Your Love At Queen Elizabeth Park

Lock In Your Love At Queen Elizabeth Park

We scroll through affectionate posts and Instagram photos every day of couples professing their love for each other.

It’s the norm to post a selfie with your significant other on a daily basis.

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But for those of you who still appreciate a romantic gesture that isn’t only seen on your smartphone screen, a love locks sculpture has officially come to Queen Elizabeth Park – and all couples are welcome to lock in their love!

Similar to the Pont des Arts Bridge (which recently had their love locks removed due to a weight issue), the sculpture created for love locks in Queen E symbolizes something much more than just a junky lock on a sculpture.

People around town fall in and out of love every day – so why not profess your feelings to all of Vancouver, or in tiny lock form, by bringing your own padlock and locking it in on the sculpture.

The sculpture, Love in the Rain, was designed by Vancouver artist Bruce Voyce to celebrate the sanctuary of love and the union that it forms.

Love truly has no boundaries and the art piece portrays this by excluding gender and age from the human sculptures.

Love in the Rain is open to couples of all sorts who wish to “lock in” their admiration for one another.

Some couples choose to engrave their initials, others simply will leave the lock blank, because really, the lock symbolizes more than just a few letters on a chunk of medal.

By locking on to the sculpture and throwing away the key, the lock becomes unbreakable – just like true love.

The sculpture can hold up to 2000 locks, so be sure to lock in yours before it fills up.

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Happy locking!

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