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Lions Of The Sea; New Movie To Highlight Details Of Komagata Maru

komagata maru

Photo: Vancouver Public Library

The details of the Komagata Maru will be brought to light in a new adaptation.

The film will detail the Japanese steamship ‘Komagata Maru,’ in which a group of citizens attempted to immigrate to Canada.

In 1914, the ship sailed from Hong Kong to Vancouver with 376 passengers on-board from Punjab, British India.

Only 22 passengers were admitted into Canada, with the additional 354 forced to return back to India. Of the remaining passengers, 19 were killed, while dozens more were sent to prison or forced to go into hiding.

The new movie depicting this significant event in history ‘Lions of the Sea’ will star Irrfan Khan, who is known for his role in Slumdog Millionaire and Life of Pi.

The refugee drama is set to start filming next year and will include scenes from Canada, Hong Kong, Britain and India.

The announcement of the film comes just months after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a statement and apology regarding the 1914 incident.

The movie will be a joint production between Salman Khan Films and First Take Entertainment Ltd.

“SKF is delighted to join hands with First Take and participate in telling the story of the Komagata Maru incident. ‘Lions of the Sea’ is a film based on a true incident which depicts heroism of all those who were on board and challenged the racial policies of the British Empire,” says Salman Khan. “It is imperative to tell this story as it mirrors the current global refugee crisis. ‘Lions of the Sea’ will allow us to embrace multiculturalism, diversity and bring humanity closer together,” added Salman.

The movie will also highlight how the incident forever changed Canada’s immigration policies.

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