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Lawyer Who Helped Legalize Marijuana In Washington Believes BC Can As Well

Lawyer Who Helped Legalize Marijuana In Washington Believes BC Can As Well

Tonia Winchester, the former Seattle prosecutor who campaigned for the legalization of marijuana in Washington made an appearance in Vancouver this week.

Winchester was a guest speaker at the Union of BC Municipalities conference on Sept. 21. Despite federal drug laws, Winchester served in the coalition of citizens that allowed marijuana to be sold to adults (over 21), starting in July 2014.

BC has seen a number of cannabis dispensaries in the last little while, which is challenging the governments to regulate the issue.

Winchester mentioned that BC, (and Canada in general), is known for being more progressive and yet Washington and Alaska are beating BC in this movement. She mentions that BC can follow in their footsteps with a little creativity and courage from locals to say they are ready for something different and stand up for their communities.

Winchester recently told CBC in an interview, “I think it’s challenging as a politician to step out and be pro-marijuana. Because people think if you are pro-marijuana, you are pro the use of marijuana. But what we are really talking about is what is the best policy for our community.”

The regulation and taxing of marijuana is about taking money out of the hands of cartels, freeing up law enforcement to work on other issues and investing in drug treatment and education, she added.

What do you think about the possible legalization of marijuana in BC? Sound off in the comments below!


Written by: Meagan Gill

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