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19 Years Later, Langley 208th Overpass Opens Four Lanes

208th overpass

Photo: Manfredritcher/Pixabay

The overpass on 208th in Langley will finally finish construction this May.

Built in 1999, it carries the traffic flow from the north to the south end. It was meant to be four lanes long from the very beginning.

The 208th overpass originally caused a lot of controversy. Willoughby was a relatively quiet rural area at the time, and a bridge was thought to be unnecessary.


Since then, the area has grown tremendously, and has brought in over 30,000 new inhabitants. The 208th overpass is now one of the busiest roads in Willoughby, and Willoughby is the Township of Langley’s largest neighbourhood.

The Langley 208th Overpass

Construction has been underway for about a year now, causing traffic to alternate between one-lane traffic. While wrapping up, construction is still going on, and the two lane traffic will be in effect.

Bike lanes are being added, sidewalks are being upgraded, and new road lines are currently being painted.

The project is under budget, currently projected to be just under seven million dollars. The original budget was nine million dollars.

While the north end of the overpass is expected to be done construction by May, the rest of the bridge will most likely not be immediate.


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