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KFC To Test A New Donut Chicken Sandwich

KFC Donut Chicken Sandwich

Are you a fan of donuts? What about chicken sandwiches? How would you feel about a donut chicken sandwich from KFC?

What does a donut chicken sandwich look like?

It’s a piece of crispy fried chicken, served in between two glazed doughnuts, which serve as buns. It’s that simple. (Considering the heat, I guess the doughnuts won’t be fully-glazed?)

KFC Donut Chicken Sandwich
Photo: KFC

You know how sometimes people say an idea is so crazy it just might work? The donut chicken sandwich is so crazy it just might work.

According to CNN, customers will also be able to get their fried chicken and doughnut separately, via a “chicken and doughnut basket meal.”

For now, however, the KFC donut chicken sandwich will only be available in Pittsburgh and Virginia.

But if it takes over the U.S. like the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich did, there’s a decent chance it could make it’s way to Canada.

This comes mere weeks after KFC began testing Beyond Meat Chicken in select U.S. locations. (Kentucky Fake Chicken, anyone?)

If we were to guess, that would be the more likely menu item to come across the border, considering the faux-meat craze here.

For those in Vancouver who prefer to have their doughnuts separate from their fried chicken, there’s always Dipped Doughnuts Co., and Monga Fried Chicken.

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