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It’s Time to Set Your Clocks Back for Daylight Savings This Sunday

Daylight Savings Nov

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It’s that time of the year where we turn back the clocks again.

This Sunday, November 3rd, remember to “fall back” one hour.

This will likely be the last time, though, with new legislation that was introduced this week.

“I believe this is something British Columbians want to see happen and it’s long overdue,” said BC Premier John Horgan last month. “There are groups that have been advocating for this for a long, long time and the time is now right.”

The government put out a poll to more than 200,000 Canadians this summer, asking if we should continue changing our clocks. An overwhelming 93 per cent of voters said we should scrap it.

The new legislation means that after this weekend’s “fall back”, we will “spring forward” next March and stay there, permanently.

And while it’s great we will no longer have to worry about changing the clocks, it also means we will get less sunlight in the winter.

The sun wouldn’t rise until about 9:30 am on some days, meaning most of us won’t see the sun before work.

And Myriam Juda, a Simon Fraser University research associate, told Global News, this could have a negative effect on us.

“Our biological clock and circadian rhythm need morning light exposure,” she said. “If we don’t get light in the morning, our clock drifts to a later time so it gets harder and harder to wake up.”

On the other hand, a consistent schedule throughout the year could be helpful to people’s sleeping patterns.

Only time will tell how the new system will affect us.

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