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IKEA Launches $1 Plant Based Soft-Serve At All Canadian Stores


IKEA is adding a plant based option to its in-store menu across Canada. Guests can now enjoy vegan soft-serve pre or post shopping at the Swedish furniture chain.

And in true IKEA fashion—the new dessert item is also super affordable. It costs only $1 and was created in an effort to ensure their bistro has something for everyone.

The special treat has already been available in Europe and across the U.S. and now—it’s finally being rolled out in Canada.

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It features a delicious fruit base made up of a strawberry puree and is served in a vegan cone.

According to IKEA, the soft-serve is a lot more eco-friendly as well. They state: “For us, maybe the best thing about this dish is that its carbon footprint is around half that of a traditional milk-based ice cream.”

This is the latest vegan venture for IKEA, after previously launching a vegan version of its popular Swedish meatballs, a plant-based burger and vegan hot dogs.

Vegan Soft-Serve at IKEA

When: Available now

Where: IKEA stories across Canada

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