Hopcott Meats; Your One Stop Hormone Free Shop

Hopcott Meats

Hopcott Meats

If you’re looking for a place to buy fresh, local meat from a wholesome family, then Hopcott Meats should be your next stop in town! The farm and grocery operation is now in its third generation of a family run business, and it shows when you walk through the doors.

Imagine being greeted with a smile time after time, while enjoying meat and poultry products that sizzle with perfection, right in your backyard. That’s exactly what Hopcott Meats brings to its customers on a daily basis.

Hopcott Meats Hopcott Meats

When you walk through the doors of the grocery section, you’re immediately transported into a timeless barn atmosphere, with farm equipment decorating the walls, and a high-peaked ceiling that truly makes you feel at home on the ranch.

Hopcott Meats boasts a delectable deli with fresh shaved ham, chicken and beef products – all crafted and cured in their own facilities. They have the best prosciutto we’ve ever tasted, with the finest aging gear to give it that authentic, Italian flavour.

Hopcott Meats

Aside from the grocery section, Hopcott Meats even has a blissful bistro for you to kick back and enjoy their products, such as homemade sandwiches and soups. And brace yourself for the aroma of smoked meats – the smells are so tempting, you’ll want to try every single morsel of meat.

Speaking of meat, their beef is locally born on 1 of 3 ranches within BC, and then raised right on their ranch in Pitt Meadows (next to the retail store). Absolutely no hormones, steroids or growth promotants are used on the cattle – which makes their meat products extra tasty and tender. Yum!

Hopcott Meats

What we love the most about Hopcott Meats is you feel at home. Not only through eating their products, but by visiting the farm and interacting with the family who works there. They pride themselves on being a third generation, family-run farm, and it shows.

Come check them out at 18385 Old Dewdney Trunk Road in Pitt Meadows. We know you’ll adore the family farm just as much as we do!


Written by Crystal Scuor and Jorge Parra

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