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North Vancouver’s Grouse Grind Opens Saturday, June 17

grouse grind

Photo: ericmonia / Flickr

Mother Nature’s stairmaster is set to open on Saturday, June 17, from 6:15 am until 7:30 pm.

The Grouse Grind is like a rite of passage for Vancouverites.

The challenging 2.9-km trail has 2,830 stairs and climbs the face of Grouse Mountain. The popular trail feels more like a steep staircase than a hike but it provides an intense workout.

Climbers will be rewarded with incredible views once they reach the top, making the climb worth it.


Many trekkers use a grind timer to challenge themselves to improve their speed going up the mountain.

A fun new addition will be offered at the grind this year. There will now be a self-serve “selfie” kiosk near the grind timer at the top to capture your finish.

If you’re looking to take on your very first grind, it is important to be prepared beforehand and take your time going up. Experienced Grinders will want to pass you to make their personal best time, so try to stay on the right hand side of the narrow trail to allow them to pass.

For more information, visit the website.

Grouse Grind

Address: 6400 Nancy Green Way, North Vancouver

Summer schedule: 6:30 am – 7:00 pm, daily

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