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Get Acquainted With A Local Radio Personality; Todd Hancock

Todd Hancock

Todd Hancock, 41, is known by many for is 14 years as a radio personality with CFOX, part of Corus radio. After so many years with the company, Hancock was let go due to funding cuts in June, 2014. Hancock now has a new project underway, launching January 9, 2015.

Are you originally from Vancouver?

I was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and moved to Surrey BC when I was 8 months old. I lived in Surrey until midway through Grade 3, then moved to Kitimat BC for a couple years, Terrace from Grade 5-9, then Summerland Grade 9 – 20yrs old. Then to Vancouver for BCIT Radio School.  My first radio job was in Smithers. Four months later was hired in Prince George and lived there for 4 years. CFOX Vancouver offered me a job, did that for 2 years, then did a Morning Show in Victoria for a year, then was re-hired back at CFOX in Vancouver and was there for 11 years.


You were with the FOX for a long time. How long were you there for and how did that end?

I was at CFOX as a show-producer for 1995/1996 (when I was going to school at BCIT for their radio program) and was hired as an on-air personality in January 2000. I did 2 overnights, weekend afternoons and Monday night 6-midnight. That lasted almost 2 years til I was offered Mornings at Extreme 107.3 in Victoria. Did that job for a year, then moved back to Vancouver and back with CFOX to do their Evening Show and a “new” Music News based show called The Rock Report. Did that for a year, then was moved to the Morning Show (did that with current Morning host Jeff O’Neil and Bif Naked). Did the Mornings for a year and then transitioned to The Afternoon Show, which I did for almost 11 years. It ended with them firing me June 24, 2014.


Where has your passion for music come from?

My passion for music comes from an active musical life style since I can remember. My parents were always playing music in the house… everything from ABBA to Fleetwood Mac, Kenny Rogers to AC/DC, Little River Band to Paul McCartney and Wings. I remember going to lots of outdoor concerts growing up, my first being Dr. Hook when I was 8 in Kitimat. In Grade 5, Motley Crue really grabbed ahold of me and they’re probably one of the key bands for me being a drummer and music nerd. I couldn’t get enough of music from that point on…

Who is your favourite local artist right now?

Favourite local artist? Hmmm tough question. There are so many good bands & artists in Vancouver. One of my favourite Vancouver singers is Patrick Gavigan. He was in a band called theTURN but they disbanded a couple years ago. Patrick has since started up a band called “Best Night Ever”. Been loving them. But there’s so many good bands… Bend Sinister, Dominique Fricot, Real Mad Decent, Theory of a Deadman, Daniel Wesley, Head of the Herd, The Veer Union, Art of Dying, The Thick of It, Fake Shark Real Zombie… I could go on and on about Vancouver’s music scene.


Your podcast starts soon. You must be really excited. How did you decide this was the next move for you?

The TODDCast Podcast launches January 9, 2015! And yes!! I’m so excited to finally get this thing launched! The decision to move away from radio and into podcasting kind of happened organically. I didn’t even think about it ’til I made a home studio, started making voice over demos (I recently was signed to Kirk Talent Agency in Vancouver) and had all this free time on my hands. After meeting with a few of my ‘gurus’… the idea of starting podcast was mentioned to me many times. So I started brainstorming ideas for a podcast. Who do I know? Should it have music? How do I make money doing a podcast? And once I met with The Hard Rock Casino Vancouver and they expressed interest in being the podcast’s title sponsor (brought to you by)… it was a pretty easy decision, once money was coming in the door. From there, The Roxy, The Lamplighter, Lafflines Comedy and Red Truck Beer have all joined as sponsors too!

You have amazing interviews lined up for your podcast. How did you choose your guests?

So far, 90% of the guests I’ve talked to or lined up for the podcast have been personal friends or guests I’ve had on my radio show over the years. I’ve been busy the last few months, talking to: K-OS, Whitecaps’ president Bob Lenarduzzi, comedian Craig Gass, Hedley guitarist Dave Rosin, Canucks alumni #44 Dave Babych, Mother Mother, Global News Anchor Sophie Lui, Lights, Slash’s drummer Brent Fitz, Dallas Smith, Canucks PA Announcer Al Murdoch, Arkells, The Trews, Miss Canada Globe 2013 Casar Jacobson, BT Vancouver host Jody Vance, comedian Kevin Bartini and a bunch more. The guests I don’t personally know, I’ve reached out to record labels… or even personally tweeted them to get them on the podcast.

Each podcast will have three guests: 1 musical, 1 sports & 1 entertainment/lifestyle. January 9th guests are: Theory of a Deadman guitarist Dave Brenner, Sportsnet TV Anchor James Cybulski and ET Canada’s Erin Cebula.


Can you tell us a little bit more about your podcast?

As mentioned above, each TODDCast Podcast will have three guests. 1 Music, 1 Sports & 1 Entertainment/Lifestyle guest. I will cover everything you’d expect with each guest… but also dig into current events, lifestyle and wherever the conversation takes us. That’s the beauty of interviewing these guests… there’s no time constraints. Be a good listener… and go with the flow. There will be an element of music… all of which will be independent artists. No major label bands. I will focus on Vancouver bands, but won’t shut the door on the rest of Canada.

Todd Hancock


Where can your fans, because I am sure you have many, find your podcast?

You can find the TODDCast Podcast at http://toddhancock.ca or https://soundcloud.com/toddcastpodcast


Where is your favourite place to explore in Vancouver?

Favourite place to explore in Vancouver? Good question. Love Stanley Park. Taking my 2 lil boys there (4 1/2 and 2) and wandering. And just walking around our neighbourhood too… we live in East Vancouver… a short walk to Commercial Drive, so we are always exploring. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful city!


What is your favourite restaurant in Vancouver?

Favourite Vancouver restaurant? Another tough question. There are so many good restaurants (I’d be a chef if I wasn’t in broadcasting) but I’d say Tacofino is a favourite. The Sand Bar on Granville Island is fantastic.There was that restaurant on the water… by the port authority, it closed down, but was delicious! What was it called again? Can’t remember.


With your podcast you must be extremely busy. Is there anything else you have time to work on at the moment, or is there anything else you are planning to do?

I am pretty busy with the podcast… constantly interviewing, editing, making promos, looking for good guests… 3 guests/wk, 12 guest/month… I am constantly in need of quality guests. Beyond the TODDCast Podcast, I’ve branched out into voiceover work. I did the voice work for the CCMA Christmas Holiday Special just before X-Mas… that aired on CBC and CMT. And I’ve been doing some voice work for a couple stations in Dubai. Plus I’ve been added to the roster of a local company called DPI … and have been doing on-hold phone messages and in-house messaging for businesses. Keeping busy with voice work. I might look at getting back into radio in a part-time capacity. Maybe do a weekend afternoon thing? Not sure.


Through your career, what has been your most memorable or favourite experience?

Most memorable or favourite radio experience? There’s so many. Here’s where it’ll sound like I’m bragging… stand outs for me include going to Dublin Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day a couple times… flying return in first class. Staying at a 5 star hotel… everything taken care of… flying to the Jameson Whiskey distillery, doing the tour… partying in downtown Dublin, meeting 100s of radio personalities from around the world. Amazing experience. But I’ve also done World Album Premieres with Nickelback, Velvet Revolver (hanging with Slash & Duff McKagan all day in LA) and Metallica (flying down to San Francisco; hanging out with Lars Ulrich for the day at their compound in San Rafael). I won’t ever forget those times. Name the band, chances are I’ve talked to them in person or on the phone. I once had the guitarist of Hinder light his balls on fire live-on-the-air. Quite the smell. I’ve MC’d countless times at Roger’s Arena… asking me to pick favourites is impossible. There’s been so many mind-blowing experiences!


Is there anything else you want us to know?

Just that The TODDCast Podcast launches Jan 9 2015 at http://toddhancock.ca … and hopefully you’ll join me for the ride!


Make sure to check out the premier of TODDCast on January 9, 2015, to catch guests Theory of a Deadman’s guitarist Dave Brenner, Sportnet’s James Cybulski and ET Canada’s Erin Cebula.

Interview by Megan Renaud

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