A Massive Geomagnetic Storm Could Strike BC Over The Next Two Days

Solar Flare / Geomagnetic Storm

It may not be the largest of its kind, but a sizeable geomagnetic storm is set to hit the earth over the next two days.

National Geographic describes solar flares as, “giant explosions on the surface of the sun that occur when twisted magnetic field lines suddenly snap and release massive amounts of energy.”

These storms affect the earth’s magnetic fields, and result in everything from power outages to satellite communications.

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In addition, the storm make the northern lights especially bright. This occurs when the sun emits plasma that travels at millions of kilometres per hour. The plasma particles then interact with Earth’s elements and create a dazzling display.

Geomagnetic Storm in BC

The storm will intensify the northern lights and potentially cause power outages; however, it won’t be the largest one possible. Classified as a G1 geomagnetic storm, the occurrence won’t wreak as much havoc as the last one that hit Earth.

Taking place in September 2017, that one was the largest that Earth had seen in a decade. What’s more, it was so strong that it was able to cause shortwave radio blackouts over Africa, Europe, and across the Atlantic Ocean.

The storms can throw off people’s internal clocks. As a result, many feel sleepy, moody, or just generally out of sorts.

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