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This Private Island in B.C. Is Home To a Magical Hidden Hot Spring

frizzell hot springs

Photo: Life Of Luke/YouTube

Editor’s note: 604 Now does not encourage members of the public to visit this hot spring, and cannot confirm the safety, structural integrity or conditions of the structures.

The best bits of paradise is often hidden, and this BC hot spring is exactly that. Tucked away in serene nature, this hidden gem has been forgotten by most of civilization.

Frizzell Hot Springs is located on the south bank of the Skeena River, just northeast of Hotspring Point near Prince Rupert.

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Although not the fanciest of places, the site contains a small abandoned hut and a deep tub on a platform that is completely surrounded by lush trees.

We really couldn’t dream up a more picturesque spot to just sit back and relax. And unlike some other hot springs destinations, Frizzell Hot Springs is actually odorless.

Frizzell Hot Springs
Photo: @wokeup.likedez/Hot Springs of British Columbia

In the early 1900s, the springs were a popular spot to visit for people living in a nearby cannery town. It eventually bought by George Frizzell, a businessman who became the first to build a bathhouse in the area.

The lucky few who have accessed the site describes it as having the perfect water quality and temperature.

The spring is only accessible by boat during high tide, and is extremely difficult to get to. Unfortunately, Frizzle Hot Springs is also currently on privately own land and not open for public use.


Frizzell Hot Springs

Location: Find it on the south bank of the Skeena River, near Prince Rupert


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