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Travel Over 25 of America’s Top Destinations On This Exhilarating Virtual Ride

FlyOver America

Photo: FlyOver America

We know we live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, but it’s nice to get a new perspective on that every once in a while.

Fortunately, FlyOver America gives us just that.

The United States is overflowing with iconic landmarks, but like most travel itineraries in 2018, it’s extremely expensive to tour the country. Sure, you can catch a cheap flight to L.A. or drive-up and spend a few days in Oregon. Even then, what you see is limited.

To get a real feel for what the country has to offer, you might be interested in a virtual ride at FlyOver America, currently being offered by FlyOver Canada in Vancouver.

Glide, dive, swoop and soar over 25 of America’s must-see destinations during an exhilarating 10-minute aerial ride.

The filmmakers behind the experience flew throughout the entire country and caught breathtaking footage of the Statue of Liberty, the fall colours in New York, all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge and the Hawaiian Coast.

Almost anyone can board FlyOver America, so it makes a great option for a family outing, date night, or for anyone looking to get a taste of America before planning a real trip. It’s important to note that children must be at least 102 cm (40″) and accompanied by an adult.

Dates and Pricing

FlyOver America is currently on now through November 21, so if you’d like to soak in the experience you’ll have to act fast.

The show is offered once per hour, on the 45-minute mark of the hour. Tickets are currently available for:

  • $33 / adult
  • $23 / child
  • $27 / senior
  • $27 / student

It’s important to note that BC residents can take advantage of a 25% discount on all admission tickets. In addition, if you purchase a ticket for FlyOver America, you can also purchase a ticket for FlyOver Canada and get 20% off both experiences.

The combined experience is a total ride time of 17-minutes, and takes you on a journey of discovery from coast to coast across Canada. Then, stay seated to glide, dive, swoop and soar over the heart of some of America’s most beautiful landscapes.

Learn more about the ride and ticket pricing here.

FlyOver America
Photo: FlyOver America

FlyOver America

When: On now through November 21, 2018

Time: Once on the 45-minute mark of every hour, during business hours

Cost: See pricing and discounts above

Where: At FlyOver Canada, 201 – 999 Canada Place, Canada, Vancouver.

This is branded content paid for by our advertising partner. To learn more about FlyOver America, please visit them online.

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