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Fly Round-Trip Vancouver To Disney World For $364 CAD (Tax Incl)

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Metro Vancouver air quality reached the highest risk as of Monday, August 20th; however, the air looks much nicer in Disney World.

What’s more, United Airlines is offering an incredible deal to the sunny destination. Departing Vancouver Wednesday, September 5th to Orlando, and returning Wednesday, September 19th, the total fare is $363.81 CAD including all taxes and fees.

Of course, Disney World isn’t the only attraction in the area. Orlando has a number of fascinating attractions, as well as exciting nightlife and delectable cuisine.

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Disney World
Photo: United Airlines
Disney World
Photo: United Airlines

You can book your flight to the happiest place on earth here.


Discover Walt Disney World

Florida is a fantastic destination for many reasons. It is a hot, beautiful escape from the wet Vancouver weather, but it is also home to more attractions than virtually anywhere in the USA. Walt Disney World is the primary attraction, of course, and it is the size of a city itself. At 40 square miles, the park is huge. As a result, it is impossible to see in a day or even two.

In addition to Walt Disney World, there are endless other amusement parks and attractions to see in this sunny city. Some of these include Universal Island Resort, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld Orlando and many more.

Travel tip: If you plan on visiting Walt Disney World: start well in advance! Staying on the grounds may cost more but it is well worthwhile. The resort is the size of a city itself, and if you don’t stay on the grounds you will spend a frustrating amount of time traveling.

It is recommended to spend a few days on the parks alone; some people spend up to a week! New exhibits like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter are sure to provide ample entertainment and you won’t want to rush through them.

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