Fly Roundtrip Vancouver to Puerto Vallarta For $459 CAD Including Tax

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Are you dreaming of a Mexican getaway minus the obscene travel time and expensive price tag that often accompany the average ticket?

Look no further: this hot deal to Puerto Vallarta with United Airlines offers a fantastic savings in addition to a hassle free itinerary with only one, very short 1 ½ hour layover in San Francisco.

Departing first thing in the morning from Vancouver on July 25th, the outbound flight with United makes a brief stop in San Francisco and gets you into Puerto Vallarta around 3.30 pm with plenty of time to settle in. The return flight is equally painless, departing Mexico on August 14th just after 4pm and stopping over briefly in San Francisco before getting into Vancouver at 9.30 pm.

The fare comes to a total of $459.51 CAD all taxes included, which is a fantastic price for a ticket of this value. Each direction’s total travel time is under 7 ½ hours, and most tickets within this price range are substantially longer flights, if not not double. For example, an alternate flight with United Airlines is only $414 CAD all taxes included, but it has two stops in either direction that total over 21 hours of travel time – whew!

Puerto Vallarta

Photo: United Airlines

Puerto Vallarta

Photo: United Airlines

For those who prefer the utmost convenience and have a bit of extra spending money, a direct option is the ideal choice. Air Transat has a direct option departing on July 22th and returning on August 5th for a total fare of $742 CAD all taxes included.


No matter which flight you choose to get you there, Puerto Vallarta promises to keep you relaxed in addition to entertained and rejuvenated. Whether you want to watch the orange sun sink into the ocean on a breathtaking beach, taste the scrumptious cuisine in the bustling city centre, or kick up your heels in the vibrant Puerto Vallarta nightlife, you’ll never run out of things to do.

Puerto Vallarta

Photo: Anthony Gonzalez Reyes / Flickr

Travel tip: There’s no need to take unnecessary risks. While most of Puerto Vallarta is safe, some of the water may be contaminated and there is no quicker way to spoil a holiday than with a stomach infection. The best course of action is to refrain from having ice cubes when outside of resorts, but there are also preventative measures you may take prior to travel.  

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