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You Can Fly Direct, Round-trip Vancouver To Hawaii For $395 CAD (Incl Tax)

Hawaii Flyover canada

Aloha! For a limited time only, Air Canada is offering a phenomenal deal to Honolulu, Hawaii from Vancouver.

The airline is offering round-trip, direct service to the tropical paradise for under $400 CAD return. In order to claim the promo, use the promo code SUNGOLF18 once you enter in dates of your choice. While the promotion discounts dates throughout February, March, April, May, and June, only a select few are selling for the lower fare.

If you fly from Thursday, April 12th to Thursday April 19th, the total fare comes to $395 CAD including tax.

Photo: Air Canada
Photo: Air Canada

You can book your trip to Hawaii here.

Keep in mind, however, that certain dates won’t work with the promo code.

These include:

  • Mar 16 to 19
  • Mar 23 to 26
  • Mar 29 to Apr 9


Explore Hawaii

Whether you’d like to hike an enormous volcano, swim with wild dolphins, or simply lay back on a breathtaking beach, Hawaii has you covered! This incredible destination is also a surfer’s paradise, a diver’s dream, and home to some of the most delectable cuisine on the planet. Also, there are five major islands to explore, and each is vibrantly unique and comes with a plethora of activities to choose from. While you can easily spend all your time at one, many people split their stay up.

Travel Tip: Start planning your holiday well before the start of your trip. While Hawaii is beautiful, food and accommodation can be rather costly. For example, most food has to be imported to the islands from the mainland USA. As a result, restaurants are often quite a bit more pricey, and even groceries tend to cost more. With that in mind, there are cheaper places to eat on the island, and there are numerous buffet that will fill you up for a full day of adventuring. It may also be worthwhile rent a condo with a kitchen and cook your own meals to curb spending. 

If you’re looking for some other places to travel on a budget, check out our list of the cheapest places to travel if you are broke from living in Vancouver.


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