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Feasting At Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

Korean BBQ/Japanese BBQ is a dining event that should be experienced by all, at least once and feasting at Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ will get you hooked and wanting for more.

Tucked away in Nelson Square plaza, Gyu-Kaku will transport you to a different dimension as soon as you walk in from the classic entrance with noren (Japanese fabric dividers) to washitsu (Japanese-style rooms).

What makes this experience unique is the ability to cook your own food to your own perfection.


These BBQ experiences can get pretty costly during dinner when you start to add some appetizers here and there, different cuts of meat here and there, veggies to go with that, a pitcher of beer followed by dessert of course; making the experience more enjoyable with a large group.

But want to get a taste of the dining experience without breaking the bank? Then consider Gyu-Kaku all day happy hour on Mondays where you can get some pretty amazing deals worth keeping a secret to ensure you get a seat! Can’t make it on a Monday? Then try going at lunch where some of the combos are significantly reduced.

 On a recent lunch date to satisfy my wife’s cravings, we hit up Gyu-Kaku on a Monday excited to see what we could get within our lunch budget.  We opted for the classic Meat Lover’s Set which gets you three different cuts of meat for a great price of $11.95 with a bowl of rice, miso soup AND a salad.

Pick any grill lunch set and you can get some veggie appetizers for $2! What restaurant have you been too lately where you can get an appetizer for $2? Since it was also all day happy hour, we pretty much stole a bowl of edamame for $2.50 and satisfied my deep fried cravings with cheap and more importantly, delicious calamari and chicken karaage. Like I said, you need dessert to wrap it all up and an order of fried bananas with vanilla ice cream was just right. Dying to know how much that all should have cost if we paid regular price? We would have paid in the tune of $46 plus tax and tip versus a mere $31 plus tax and tip!

Now you’re probably thinking – I’m never coming here for dinner when there are happy hour prices! However, if you’ve got friends (let’s hope you do) and need to plan a birthday party, what a unique opportunity to host it at Gyu-Kaku. Got out-of-town guests and need to impress? Gyu-Kaku will undoubtly do that. Finished exams and want to celebrate? Visit Gyu-Kaku for their daily drink specials which I guarantee you, it can’t be beat! Need I say more? Visit Gyu-Kaku for that all-around dining experience that you won’t forget.

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