5 Picture Perfect Fall Day Trips To Take From Vancouver

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Fall Day Trips

The Summer days may be over but this is the perfect time to escape from the city. These Fall day trips are some underrated options that will give you a much-needed break and a chance to reset.

Fall Day Trips From Vancouver

Bowen Island

Just a 20-minute ferry ride from West Vancouver’s Horseshoe Bay, this is the ultimate spot to take all your stresses away (even just for the day). It’s a haven for relaxation with lots of nature walks, beachcombing and kayaking to take part in.

Robert’s Creek

The vibrant little artsy community on the Sunshine Coast is the most idyllic day trip from Vancouver. It’s just under two hours away from Vancouver and has a lot to offer. Check out the pier, go forest bathing at Cliff Gilker Park and have some comfort food at the cozy Gumboot Cafe.


Many think of Squamish as a place to pass through on their way to Whistler. But Squamish is an awesome place to go for the day, and it’s just under an hour away from Vancouver. Besides the Sea-to-Sky Gondola and Shannon Falls, you can go throw back a few pints at Backcountry Brewing.

Pender Island

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A quaint place to forget your worries and just take in your surroundings. It’s just over 2.5-hours away from Vancouver but totally worth it. Enjoy the great outdoors with trail walks and kayaking or melt your stresses away at Poet’s Cove Resort & Spa.

Manning Park

Just under 2.5-hours away from Vancouver, this beautiful park has a lot to offer even in the Fall months. The cooler weather makes biking the area a lot more fun, or you can go canoeing. The crisp days also mean the stargazing is at its all time best.

For more Fall getaways in BC, check out this romantic glamping destination or this rustic lakeside lodge.

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