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Jump In On The Fun: Experience The Extreme Air Park

Extreme Air Park

Extreme Air Park

It sounds like everyone’s childhood dream: 42,000 square feet filled with trampoline floors and a foam pit. However, luckily for kids, and for those of us who act like we still are, this place exists! With one location open in Richmond and another opening in early November in Langley, the Extreme Air Park provides ample room to jump for as long as you desire!

Once you arrive you must first decide how long you want to ‘jump’ for, with options for 1 hour, 1.5 hours, or 2 hours. Although it may seem like you are paying for a short visit, after 1 hour my group and I were feeling the effects of what felt like a day-long workout (jumping on trampolines is surprisingly tiring!), so 2 hours is plenty of time!

After you pay, you will be provided with Extreme Air Sox, which are mandatory for sanitary and safety reasons, unless you have brought back your own. It turns out that they are extremely comfy, making their $3 cost bearable. You will also be provided with a nametag, which indicates the time your jumping pass expires. However, be warned – these fall off easily! I suggest folding your nametag and keeping it in a pocket or tucked into your socks for safekeeping.

Extreme Air Park

Then you are ready to bounce! Nearly the entire building has a trampoline floor, comprised of trampoline and a soft foam in-between. Even the walls are made so you can bounce off them!

If you get bored of bouncing around yourself, you can adventure over to the trampoline dodge ball courts and verse your friends in a game. Yet if dodge ball is not your forte, and you’d prefer shooting hoops – they have Zero Gravity Basketball as well! There you can practice shooting baskets with the aide of a trampoline floor!

Extreme Air Park

However, everyone’s favourite seems to be the 50 ft half-pipe – a long stretch of trampoline that leads into a huge foam pit. On your turn you have the opportunity to kart-wheel, dance, or simply jump along the trampoline runway until your jump into the foam!

What’s also fun, is periodically throughout the day the main lights are turned off and the trampoline floor is lit by disco-ball like light. With music blasting, it almost seems like a trampoline dance party.

Although the Extreme Air Park definitely appeals to children and families, a wide range of ages could be found – seniors, adults, college students – literally everyone! The appeal is understandable: it’s fun and a great exercise! Personally, I can’t wait to re-visit and only hope they open more locations.

On that note: BRING WATER! The premises have no water fountain and you’ll find yourself trying to drink from the bathroom sinks in hopes of re-hydrating.

Ready to visit? Here are the details:

  •  1 Hour Jump $14 (Exteme Air Sox are not included)
  •  1.5 Hour Jump $19 (Includes Extreme Air Sox)
  •  2 Hour Jump $21 (Includes Extreme Air Sox)
  • Extreme Air Sox are $3

*Call your location for more details on daily/weekly specials – not all are listed on the website*

*The Langley Extreme Air Park location will be open in early November but will be accepting reservations starting for November 15th.*

Written by: Kerri J

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