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Italian Day Festival on the Drive

Italian Day 2015

After a hiatus of three years, the popular Italian Day festival on Commercial Drive will be making a comeback this June.

The last few years have been defined by unprecedented challenges worldwide which forced the cancellation of many events, including the Italian Day festival. However this year, the festival returns with the theme Rinascimento, signifying a rebirth and new beginnings.

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Italian Day 2023

The Italian Day street festival will be taking place on Sunday, June 11 to celebrate Italian heritage, culture, and community.

This year, the festival will return to Commercial Drive, also known as “The Drive”, which is the heart of Little Italy in Vancouver. During the festival, the street is transformed into a vibrant 14-block celebration.

The event usually draws over 100 street participants that include vendors, partners, and community organizations, as well as an estimated 300,000 people of different ages and cultures.

The event is an opportunity for people to come together and enjoy activities, music, conversations, and food and wine, all while being surrounded by green, white, and red colors that symbolize Italy.

Apart from the entertainment, the festival also serves to honor the history and contributions of Italian immigrants who came to Vancouver in search of a better life for their families.

This year’s theme Rinascimento, refers to the Renaissance period in history. It is often associated with art, culture, and science. The term means “rebirth,” and its literal translation from Latin is “to be born again.” The festival’s theme signifies a rebirth of life, community, and celebration after the challenges of the past few years.

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