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Earth Hour Savings; Twice As Much Compared To 2010

British Columbians saved 117 megawatt hours of electricity and reduced the provincial electricity load by 1.8 per cent during Earth Hour on Saturday night — almost twice as much as in 2010.

Power saved during Earth Hour was the equivalent of turning off about 7.8 million 15-watt compact fluorescent light bulbs, BC Hydro said Sunday.

The community with the highest reduction in consumption — six per cent — was Pitt Meadows. Tumbler Ridge measured the second highest decrease, at five per cent.

Greater participation by commercial and industrial customers is believed to be one the main reasons for the increase, officials said.

“We’re delighted to see the significant increase in electricity savings over last year, which we believe are a result of the increased leadership and commitment of both businesses and residences,” said BC Hydro spokesperson Lisa Coltart.

“Think about it: if British Columbians who participated this year implemented the same conservation measures one hour every day for the whole year, the combined savings would power close to 4,000 homes for an entire year.”

Earth Hour is an annual global event hosted by the World Wildlife Federation. People are asked to turn off unnecessary light and electronics to conserve power and demonstrate support for the fight against climate change.

Reported by: CBC News

Check out the view from False Creek:

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