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Car Impounded After Passenger Found Drunk, Despite Driver Being “Dead Sober”

Police are not pulling over drivers due to social distancing

Photo: @AbbyPoliceDept / Twitter

A B.C. family had their car impounded recently after a cop found the passenger was impaired.

The Nelson woman failed a roadside breathalyzer test, but she was not the one driving, however.

“I can’t wrap my head around it,” Vancouver lawyer Sarah Leamon told the Georgia Straight.

The cop apparently thought that the woman would reach over and try to grab the steering wheel.

They did not test the woman’s husband, however. The officer said that the husband was in the back seat and not likely to try and grab the wheel.

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The woman, whose name was not given, called her son for a ride home after drinking more than the limit.

Her 22-year-old son has his N, which means he can drive immediate family members and does not need supervision when driving.

When the cop pulled them over, “the officer assessed the driver and was satisfied that he was dead sober,” Leamon explained.

After failing the test, the mother received a 90-day roadside suspension. Then, the sedan was impounded for 30 days.

The woman is trying to challenge her case with RoadSafetyBC.

“After trying to do the right thing and get a safe, sober ride home with my twenty-two year old son”, shes wrote in a statement. “I felt unfairly targeted by the officer.”

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